Quiz: Do You Have Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)?

All those yawns and naps could be a signal that your nighttime sleep needs help.

Excessive daytime sleepiness can be the first—maybe even the best—indicator of poor sleep at night. Answer these 5 short questions to find out if your habits during the day are evidence of inadequate sleep at night. Then check your email to see your results and find out more about excessive daytime sleepiness.

Answer 5 questions to find out if you have excessive daytime sleepiness:

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Do you turn into a zombie in the afternoon and/or need to take frequent naps?*

Is coffee your best friend in the morning… and in the afternoon… and in the evening?*

Are you easily distracted by squirrels while you are trying to get work done during the day?

Is the cause of your high blood pressure a complete mystery to you?*

Do you fall asleep in unusual places, such as at a stop light, a movie theater, or while in a meeting at work?*

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