Get Involved

Sleeptember® is a new year-long, patient-led and patient-supported effort designed to create fun and engaging online and community events in order to raise awareness of the public health impact of sleep loss, connect the dots with other health conditions, and raise funds for medical research and advocacy efforts in order to improve the health of all.

We seek to create a community of members of the public, people with chronic health conditions, non-profit organizations, industry, and federal and state agencies to work together to create a critical mass of attention to how sleep impacts our health, safety, well being, and productivity.

There are lots of easy ways to be part of Sleeptember. Get involved today! Here’s how:

Join the Conversation

Participate in our online community and through social media to share, learn and help raise awareness of sleep and its connection to health, safety and productivity.

Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We’re grateful for any sharing/retweeting/regramming to help spread the word about the Sleeptember campaign to your friends, family and colleagues.

Be part of the SleepHealth Study

Become a #GlobalCitizenResearcher! Your sleep data helps drive insights for us and our partners.


Give a donation of money, your time or expertise to help spread the word and help us build the campaign and fund medical research and advocacy combating the major health problems of our day. If you would like to volunteer contact us at

Sleep (More)

It’s just that simple and doesn’t cost you a thing. Use the month of Sleeptember to improve your sleep habits as well as those of other family members. Commit to getting an additional 15 minutes a day and add from there. See how you feel and the rest will take care of itself.

More Ways to get Involved

Below are some FUN-raising activities to raise awareness of Sleeptember and our mission. Get involved these or suggest your own. The people who come up with the most interesting online or community activities or event will be recognized on the Sleeptember website and win prizes.

Make Sleep Work at Work

Start a Sleeptember Team at your workplace. Challenge other departments, office locations or other companies in your industry.

Spread the word about Sleeptember and start conversations about SleepHealth at wellness and safety talks and through the company’s social media, website, and newsletters. Decorate the office with Sleeptember Wear & Gear. Get your clients, customers, patients, and vendors involved and let them know that you care about SleepHealth. Plan events to raise awareness. 

In Your Community

Plan community events to raise awareness in your area about Sleeptember and SleepHealth. Participate in other events organized by local organizations focused on diabetes, heart disease, mental health, cancer, pediatric health, etc. to help make the connections between these conditions and sleep. Materials coming soon.

Schools/University Campuses

Form a Sleeptember Team on your campus and challenge students to learn how good sleep promotes their health, safety, memory, learning, and mood.

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