Our Vision, Values and Challenge

The VISION for Sleeptember® is to raise awareness of the public health impact of sleep loss, get people with sleep disorders diagnosed, connect the dots with other comorbid health conditions, raise funds for medical research and awareness efforts while helping individuals make behavioral changes to improve their sleep and overall health. Accelerating patient-led and patient-supported research to get the answers to the questions we seek.


We are committed to spreading awareness, education and support through fun and engaging activities and events. We would rather laugh than cry because it IS the best medicine!


Because we are patient-led, we believe that all patients have the right to determine their treatment, know what happens to their data, and have a direct say where their dollars go to support research we will be transparent in where all money is spent. The patients are running the asylum. If you don’t know, ask and you will receive!


Friends are what makes the world go around and we love making the world go around. There is power in numbers and we all must work together to change the game to help ourselves.


If you are not progressing, changing, adapting, you are stagnant, paralyzed with fear, and withering. You learn more by failures than you do success. Go big or go home!